Nitrile Gloves – New Age Medical Gloves

Nitrile gloves are manufactured from a rubber known as acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber and are free from latex proteins. These gloves specifically suit those individuals who are latex-sensitive. Gloves made from nitrile are available in different thicknesses and types such as ambidextrous examination type and in hand specific styles, such as lined and unlined. Nitrile rubber is also known as Buna-N, Perbunan, or NBR. It is a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) is a family of unsaturated copolymers of 2-propenenitrile and various butadiene monomers (1, 2-butadiene and 1, 3-butadiene). The physical and chemical properties vary depending on the polymer’s composition and the polymer shows excellent resistance to oil, fuel, and other chemicals. This makes NBR a useful material for manufacturing disposable lab, cleaning, and examination gloves. A recent improvised form of (NBR) is the Carboxylated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (XNBR). In this polymer, there are additional carboxyl groups R-COO- on the double bond of the butadiene part besides the sulfur bridges that make ionic cross links with zinc Zn++ to give improved physical properties as compared to a non-carboxylated Nitrile rubber.

Specific Advantage: These gloves are three times more puncture-resistant than natural rubber gloves. Hence, these nitrile gloves also offer protection from most solvents and oils, and best suited for protection from abrasion, cut and punctures. It is imperative to note in this context that needlestick and sharps injuries are the most common method of transmitting blood-borne pathogens like Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus and HIV between patients and the health care professionals.


Cleanroom Gloves

Nitrile is a ‘clean’ material which technically indicates that the material is not subject to shedding and is exceptionally low in residual chemicals. These gloves may be readily sterilized by irradiation without any reduction in physical characteristics and thus, these gloves are rapidly taking over as the material of choice in Cleanrooms like research labs.

Accelerator Free Gloves

Accelerators are chemicals used in nitrile gloves manufacture to ensure a rapid vulcanisation of the film and are responsible for many of the positive characteristics of the glove including its strength, elasticity and barrier performance. These accelerators have been off late linked to Type IV, delayed hypersensitivity reaction leading to allergic contact dermatitis. Most of these accelerator chemicals fall in three basic groups of chemicals, namely, thiurams, thiazoles and dithiocaramates. Low Accelerator Gloves or Accelerator Free Gloves are recent innovations in the industry. Low Accelerator Gloves are manufactured under optimized conditions that utilize exceptionally low levels of accelerator and are available in the market. A technology that utilizes a pre-treatment of the dip mix eliminating the requirement of an accelerator is in the development stage towards production of accelerator free gloves.

Biodegradable Disposable Glove

Regular nitrile gloves are not prone to sufficient microbial activity to begin breaking down the polymer’s molecular structure and hence the process of degradation and reclamation of the used gloves depends on light, heat, mechanical stress and moisture. Biodegradable Disposable Nitrile Glove is a recent significant major breakthrough. These gloves manufactured with a new eco friendly technology has been shown to accelerate the biodegradation of nitrile in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent certified laboratories using internationally recognized test methods. Biodegradable Disposable Nitrile Glove is composed of organic materials designed to make the glove attractive to microbial activity. These microorganisms on consuming the material in the glove excrete enzymes that depolymerize the nitrile. This results in a final product composed of biogases and inert humus.

Thank you for visiting our website on Nitrile Gloves. Nitrile Gloves are the new technology protection gear useful to all researchers providing comfort without compromising on quality and dexterity. We are bulk suppliers of nitrile gloves (powder-free examination) from Bangalore, INDIA. Our nitrile glove quality is of highest in range.

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Urgent Care Clinics Booming in Difficult Healthcare Market

The economic downturn, looming entitlement reforms and potential budget cuts in the United States at the federal and state level are allowing the growth of urgent care clinics, otherwise known as immediate care clinics, to substantially increase. This is considered to be a remedy to fill in the growing doctor shortage.

According to industry reports and spending by large healthcare operators, the number of urgent care clinics is projected to soar within the next decade. It is estimated that more than 8,000 urgent care clinics have been established – other numbers show 9,000 – and the Urgent Care Association of America reports eight to 10 percent annual growth.

Urgent care facilities are different than traditional hospitals and are rather similar to the health clinics found in places like Walmart and Walgreen because they are usually open on evenings and weekends and treat common health issues – some immediate care clinics do offer additional services like X-rays for broken bones.

Some medical professionals like to consider their urgent care clinics as after-hours doctors’ offices. Most of those who work in such an office do note, however, patients may not get to see a board-certified doctor or another kind of specialist.

A large percentage of walk-in clinics and urgent care offices are managed and operated by non-profit health systems, which receive donations and contributions in order to pay for construction and renovation costs, patient care program support, general operations costs and equipment purchases, according to the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s (AHP) annual Report on Giving study.

With so many of these operations setting up in malls, main streets and in major metropolitan cities, can the non-profit sector even pay for them? Well, Reuters is reporting that private equity firms have been investing money into urgent care clinics over the past few years. Although there is a tremendous risk in investing in these clinics because of the possibility of oversaturation and low insurance reimbursements, these firms work one-on-one with clinics to provide quality and to make profit.

Rand Health found that retailers are entering the healthcare marketplace too. Big box stores, such as Target and Walmart, only had a few of these clinics in the year 2000, but today there are more than 1,200.

“Retail clinics emphasize convenience, with extended weekend and evening hours, no appointments, and short wait times,” the organization states in its report. “More than 44 percent of retail clinic visits take place when physician offices are typically closed. Price transparency and low costs may also be particularly attractive for people without insurance.”

This is surely part of the profit-motive for these corporations.

Regardless of the concerns one may have over the private sector getting involved in such an industry, urgent care clinics are part of the nation’s future healthcare market, especially since President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is now law of the land and will add a burden to the system.

“Many factors could influence the future of retail clinics in the U.S. First, the growing body of evidence casting doubt on quality-of-care concerns could lead to greater acceptance and use of retail clinics,” Rand added.

“Full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could also lead to continued retail clinic growth. With more people insured and an increased demand for primary care under the ACA, access to primary care physicians could decrease. This may lead to increased demand for retail clinics. Similarly, if wait times for physician appointments increase-as has been the case in Massachusetts following its health reform-this could also increase retail clinic demand.”

Despite the concerns that some may have about private investment possibly cutting costs to increase its bottom line, urgent care clinics must offer remedies to health issues otherwise the consumer will go elsewhere to receive proper medical attention.

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Brain Injuries and Lasting Disabilities

TBI, or a traumatic brain injury, can leave the whole family feeling confused, angry and overwhelmed. Oftentimes the diagnoses of a brain trauma is devastating to all involved, not just the victim of the injury. Many brain traumas occur as a result of an everyday accident. Such simple things such as tripping and falling off a curb can lead to a serious brain injury. Perhaps it’s the result of a car accident or a sports injury that has caused the injury to the brain. In many cases, the victim may act and feel normal at first. Someone close to them begins to notice some abnormal behavior, extreme fatigue, or perhaps irritation, confusion and feelings of being disoriented. This can be due to the brain swelling, and is not always obvious right away. This is one reason why emergency medical care should happen as soon after the trauma as is possible.

Once the diagnosis of a cranial injury has been given, you will generally need to hire a brain injury attorney who will help you to establish who is legally responsible for the injury. To establish just who is the responsible party can be a long and complex ordeal. Many factors may enter into that process of assigning blame. The responsibility for poorly maintained sidewalks which caused a fall may lie with a governmental agency, such as a city or a county. Perhaps the driver of the car which crashed into yours acted with negligence, and caused the accident which resulted in a brain trauma injury. A qualified brain injury lawyer will assist you in determining who is responsible and how you will be properly compensated for your injuries.

Many TBI victims are left with a severe, permanent loss of function. This can include symptoms such as partial memory loss, speech difficulties, coma, behavioral issues and ongoing medical needs. The person who has suffered from a brain injury may not be able to care for themselves any longer, and may have a lifelong need for daily care. If you or someone in your family has suffered a head injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you will need representation by an experienced personal injury attorney. Your brain injury lawyer will be instrumental in assisting you through the difficult and challenging situation you now find yourself and your loved one in. Just coping with a serious brain injury is difficult enough, be sure to have the best help for your brain injury lawsuit.

Contact The Law of Jeffrey S. Dawson today at 949/861-2191 for a free consultation to discuss your personal injury case. Jeff Dawson is a uniquely qualified personal injury lawyer. He has worked on the other side, as well – for the insurance firms, and knows how they think. If you have been involved in an accident where you have suffered injuries, contact the law offices of Jeffrey S. Dawson to discuss your potential lawsuit settlement.

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Adequate Preparation Is the Key to the Successful Administration of First Aid

Adequate preparation is the key to the successful administration of first aid. Experienced first aiders usually realize that the success of first aid is not merely an individual effort but a collective one. In light of the recent catastrophe as caused by Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan), the lack of first aid training in the ravaged city of Tacloban, Leyte in the Philippines was exposed. The same could be said of nearby areas equally affected by the typhoon. Until professional help from medical teams arrived, the citizens of Tacloban were ill equipped and inadequately prepared to aid drowning victims from the storm surge.

One crucial skill which would have been beneficial in this scenario is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which can be administered to drowning victims in an attempt to revive them. With the casualty rate breaching ten thousand, it is difficult to say how many citizens of Tacloban could have been saved with a handful of skilled first aiders, trained in administering CPR.

The collective effort for successfully providing victims with first aid begins with the government. In the case of Tacloban, the local government units failed to set up centers where first aid training can be readily accessible to citizens. With the number of typhoons devastating Tacloban on a yearly basis, it is in the interest of the citizens that much effort be exerted by the local government in adequately training first aiders who can respond in an emergency situation.

Disaster strikes even in far flung areas. In the case of Tacloban, drowning victims died long before professional medical help could arrive. In the pictures featured in the aftermath of the disaster, stories on how survivors were unable to help their love ones surfaced.

Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation is only a fraction of what it takes to be a good first aider. It is therefore imperative that local government units in disaster prone areas take time to train first aid response teams. Such training merely requires logistical preparation on the part of the local government. Training requires minimal capitalization and equipment. A few CPR manikins (Resusci Annes) and a qualified instructor are all that is necessary. People ought to be prepared when disaster strikes. Encourage your friends and family to undergo CPR or first aid training. Remember the best way to be proactive and up to date with the skills is to practice often and take refresher courses as well.

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The Key Reasons Why CPR Is Essential To Understand

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, typically called CPR, is a course of action that keeps the steady stream of oxygen going to the bloodstream, which in turn flows to your brain. For many folks CPR is necessary training, especially when they work in the medical related area or in a career which requires assisting young kids and the general public. The remedy is primarily a combination of chest area compressions and also giving oxygen to the individuals lungs through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or an instrument which can push oxygen into the person’s mouth.

It is a really priceless procedure and it would likely make the difference between life, irreversible brain injury, and dying. The sooner CPR can be implemented, the better. If ever the brain is deprived of oxygen for a time frame greater than 5 minutes, the prospects of damage to the brain is appreciably greater, so time is of the essence. The more men and women that have learned CPR, the greater number of 1st responders would be around to help save a life if the operation is called for.

There are a number of instances in which CPR might be needed. To illustrate, if a person is suffering from a heart attack, or is on the floor and has lost consciousness and isn’t breathing, utilizing CPR will be a necessity. If somebody is going through a medical crisis and there is no defibrillator present that can be used for treatment, CPR is necessary to save that person’s life and to the movement of oxygen rich blood to the brain up until the time medical support comes.

As stated before, when you have a job in the medical industry, knowing CPR is necessary since you’ll many times encounter a scenario that will necessitate the task to be implemented. If you do work with the public such as teach school, in a community center, in a gym, in camps, in essence nearly anywhere you’ll be responsible for the well-being of anyone, you will be obligated to be well trained and licensed in CPR.

In addition to CPR training, lots of individuals will combine their accreditation training and reinforce it by adding training for first-aid. Unconscious and non-breathing people will not be the only ones who require health-related aid. Injuries because of traffic accidents or criminal offence take place quite frequently. Equally as necessary as CPR skills, having the training of a first responder and maintaining the injured woman or man alive and in stable condition till the time paramedics get there can make the difference between enormous bleeding, becoming infected, and death. The capability to effectively treat injuries is a talent that is greatly respected in the workforce and also in contemporary society.

Most people will not likely consider CPR coaching unless they’re required by their employer. But in reality, each of us should learn CPR and first aid. Doing so will make the society we live in a better place, physically and legally. When someone is certified in first aid and CPR, they’re going to be protected on account of the Good Samaritan Law in the event the person being treated is more hurt or dies. Being trained in both is possible in just a day.

You can never predict at what time you might be needed, and with the CPR and first aid certification and instruction, you in truth enjoy the capability to save a person’s life.

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